Marc A. Price

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    Reviewing the music reviews and the reviewer


    I have spent the last few nights going through the music reviews that I wrote for over a decade ago. It was quite nice reminding myself of those…

  • Unboxing some vinyl


    Here is the video of me unboxing the vinyl that arrived this morning. I’m hoping that this will be a regular feature. I will certainly review this album and…

  • Unboxing


    Something arrived in the post for me today. I’m going to show you later and then give it a spin and review it. Patrons will get it here first.

  • Welcome


    Hi there – Welcome to my Patreon.  I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Sometimes it feels like my mind won’t stop (Full Length Version)


    My latest recording is a 15 minute trance/ambient track in three movements that attempts to paint the bizziness of the neurodiverse mind. It is part of a forthcoming album…

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    Failure and the art of getting back on the horse


    So my plans (like so many of my plans) of writing stuff here failed to materialise. Some may find this unsurprising. I didn’t.I will likely try again soon. Not…

  • The Things from under the sink


    It has been a very strange couple of weeks. It has gone from seemingly normal with “something on the horizon” to “RED ALERT, RED ALERT” rapidly. In hindsight, as…

  • A Bold Move


    At this beginning of this year, we took the decision to sell our house and move to the west of Ireland to be closer to my wife’s family. We…

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    Zen and the art of procrastination


    I had high hopes of being a writer someday. However, as with everything else I seem to try, I get excited about it for a period of time. Intensely…

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    Am I blogging again?


    This is my first post using Ulysses on my iPhone . I think it has a bit of a learning curve, but it seems much simpler than Scrivener. I…