Hello Diet My Old Friend…

I have been on diets before where I have tracked calorie intake and watched what I eat, usually using some IOS app or other to moderate my behaviour. It has worked well in the past but often I hit a point where I think that I don’t need to monitor any more because I have got changed my behaviour. Then more often than not I slowly slip back into my old ways and and grow accustomed to the new bigger me.

Recently I have been noticing that I am struggling to get in to a lot of my clothes (must be shrinking in the wash) and been getting  more out of breath than usual. And then…

The other day I went to the doctor for some research into my lung function (I have asthma) and was weighed and the dial went dangerously close to 100kg. I wanted to get off immediately. I have never carried this much weight before and have never been this inactive before. I used to be 80-85kg, run regularly and go to the gym two or three times a week. Now none of it. I resolved to do something about it. I am determined to get fit before I turn 50 on 20th August 2018. Or at least feel better about myself on the journey there.

This morning I started tracking my food intake using the iOS app provided by MyFitnessPal. I have used this one for a while (when I used these things in the past) and prefer it because it has a very large food database which makes it easier to add food. Next week I will start in the gym again probably once a week for a month or so until I get back in the swing of things. I will write about my progress here.

I am 98kg. I have set a goal to lose 1kg per week until I reach 85kg which is the outer limits of a healthy weight for my age/height/etc. As I go along I’m certain I will discover a lot of things that are wrong about these average measures but I had to set a target to begin with as something to aim for.

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