Fat man update

A month or so ago I decided that I was a big fat man and that I needed to be a lesser man than I was. The plan was to eat less and excercise more. Only really the first part of the plan was executed so far. I have been eating less but due to a mild brush with pneumonia I haven’t been as active as I wanted to be. 

Despite this and probably as a result of being sick I have managed to lose 6.4 kilos. I’m now 91.6kg. 

If I wasn’t so sick I would probably feel really good about myself. I can see by looking at me how much weight I have lost and my clothes fit me, apart from the ones I bought recently. Those ones don’t fit me at all any more. 

Anyway once the antibiotics have done their job and I’m able to breathe like a normal human I will start to go back to the gym. These first steps have inspired me to keep going. 

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