Everything’s Gone Green

Yesterday Henry and I spent some time working on the garden digging and planting. It was fun to watch him get interested in digging. I told him that he was being a paleontologist digging for dinosaur bones.

I had already some weeks ago removed a large and pretty boring wisteria (the roots of which I am still finding). I also removed a large buddleia which I will miss a bit because of the butterflies it attracted, but it was too large for the garden. It had to go.

what’s left of the buddleia
I moved a fuchsia, I don’t know yet whether it will survive. I’ll be happy if it does because it was lovely but very badly placed. To fill the huge gap where the wisteria was I planted some clematis other climbers. We also got rid of a few monstrosities that were taking up room that produced nothing of any note. After adding another layer of top soil we can see the wood from the trees.

some mini daffs coming through
Now the bulbs that were there from previous years have the room to grow and we can see them. In the spaces where these bulbs are not Henry and I planted some wild thyme (which is also pretty good at attracting butterflies), aquilegia and geraniums. Well, Henry was mostly digging for dinosaur bones but he did plant one or two things.

In an old unused galvanised dustbin that was just littering the garden I planted some ivy, an amaryllis and this creeping plant with purple flowers that I can never remember the name of. I’ve had it in every garden I’ve had because I think it is pretty. I must look up what it is called. (UPDATE: according to one of my Facebook friends the mystery plant is vinca minor or periwinkle (thanks Yolanda).)

Still no dinosaur bones though, to compensate Catriona has taken him to see Trix in Leiden (dutch website, but you get the idea).

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