An odd Top Gear review

I am no massive fan of Top Gear in any of its incarnations. I watch it every once in a while, chuckle occasionally and shout at the TV periodically. The Chris Evans version didn’t do much to attract my attention and I agreed with most of the criticism. I watched last night’s opener for season 24 and was entertained. 

This morning I found this review on the Guardian and was struck by how off it seemed.

I’ve never heard of this journalist, so by his own yardstick I probably shouldn’t trust his opinion. He spends time setting up the piece with how an open mind is important but then the remainder is riddled with references and comparisons to what came before. It all seemed a bit harsh to me. I checked out the comments and it was pretty clear that I was not alone. 

The reviewer seemed to me like he was expecting a backlash and decided that he was going to pick sides nice and early. I got the feeling that the reviewer would have been slightly negative, regardless of the content of the show. The title, to me, says it all “Top Gear review – sorry Matt LeBlanc, there’s just too much baggage in the trunk”. How about giving it a chance Mr Whateveryournameisclickbaitguardianreviewer? 

I did. 

I thought that the team did an alright job of doing Top Gear. I laughed more times than I would at Clarkeson and Co and found the chemistry to be at an acceptable level of testosterone. It was less men behaving badly in cars and more men enjoying each other’s company in cars. The occasional catty remark seemed out of place and more like an attempt at “this is what Top Gear should be like.”

Anyway, had I read the review before watching I would not have bothered. As I did it the other way around I’ll probably watch it next week too. It goes to show how we should discard other people’s opinions because they often have an agenda, or sometimes they just suck. 

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